CSEP gives out a number of different awards and grants annually. See the descriptions for each listed below.

Note: The descriptions of the awards and grants provided below are summaries; read the full details for all award and grant requirements.

APNM – Presidents’ Lecture

The Keynote Lecture/Tutorial is to be named and presented in honour of a past-president of CSEP and will be entitled the ‘APNM – President’s Lecture’ in recognition of the past president’s contributions to the society and to the field of exercise physiology. The recipient who honours the past-president shall give a lecture at the annual conference and will submit a review paper on the topic of the lecture to APNM within the three months of the lecture.

Health and Fitness Professionals Annual Lecture: In Honour of Gord Sleivert

The Annual Health and Fitness Professionals Lecture recognizes the research and other contributions of Gord Sleivert to the area of Applied Sport Research and/or Sport Nutrition.

John Sutton Memorial Lecture

John Sutton was a longtime member of CSEP (formerly CASS) and indefatigable exercise scientist, who passed away in 1996. Starting in 1997, every CSEP AGM has featured a memorial lecture in his honour.

Graduate Student Award – Oral Presentation

For many years, CSEP has honoured a graduate student with an award based on their research contribution to the AGM. Up to four finalists are invited to present their research at the Graduate Student Award Symposium, scheduled for the first evening of the conference.

Until 1999, a panel of judges selected one winner from the candidate papers, and the winner was announced at the CSEP AGM. From 2000 onwards, four finalists are invited present at the Graduate Student Symposium at the CSEP AGM and the winner is selected by a panel convened by the convened by the VP Research.

Graduate Student Award – Poster Presentation

CSEP seeks to recognize outstanding research conducted by its graduate student members. Each year, the society presents two Graduate Student Poster Awards in conjunction with the AGM. Up to 15 finalists at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels are invited to present their research at the Graduate Student Poster Award Session Poster session, scheduled for Thursday afternoon of the conference.

CSEP | SCPE Undergraduate Student Award

Each Spring, CSEP invites each Canadian university with an Undergraduate program in Physical Education, Human Kinetics, or related disciplines, to present the CSEP/SCPE Undergraduate Student Award to the student graduating in that academic year with the highest standing in the scientific portion of the curriculum. The awards are presented by the university.

CSEP-APNM Student Award

The National Graduate Student Award is designed to recognize outstanding research conducted by its graduate student members across Canada by supporting their travel to the CSEP Annual General Meeting. The award is hosted at the regional level, at a recognized regional exercise physiology meeting or conference.

CSEP Student Travel Award

Introduced in 2018, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Student Travel Award is to provide financial aid for students to attend the CSEP conference.

CSEP Young Investigator Award

(supported by APNM)

The CSEP Young Investigator Award (YIA) is presented annually to an outstanding CSEP member who received the PhD or MD degree within the past 10 years. Any parental leave(s) taken since receiving their degree will not count towards the time limit. The individual must be acknowledged to have an excellent reputation throughout Canada and to have achieved notable international recognition. The recipient is acknowledged at the CSEP AGM and will make a special 30-minute presentation of his/her award-winning research.

Professional Standards Program®
Recognition Award

The purpose of the CSEP Professional Standards Program® Recognition Award is to annually honour an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Professional Standards Program of CSEP. The Award recognizes contributions such as, but not limited to committee work, leadership, development and delivery of certifications, and practice and/or research in the health and fitness industry.

Note: Prior to 2015, the Professional Standards Program® was called the Health & Fitness Program; prior to 2002, it was known as the FACA Program.

CSEP Certified Member Award

The CSEP Professional Standards Committee will recognize the outstanding research and/or work conducted by its certified members: CSEP Certified Personal Trainers® (CSEP-CPT) and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologists™ (CSEP-CEP). The research and/or work will contribute directly to the health and fitness related industry. The CSEP Certified Member Award competition takes place annually in conjunction with the CSEP AGM.

CSEP Mentorship Award in Honour
of Dr. Enzo Cafarelli

The purpose of the annual CSEP Mentorship Award, in Honour of Enzo Cafarelli, is to recognize a Professor or Advisor in the Exercise Science field for their dedication and mentorship to their students and/or their faculty.

CSEP Honour Award

The CSEP Honour Award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to exercise physiology (encompassing physical activity, fitness, health and human performance) in Canada. One recipient is selected each year by the CSEP Presidents’ Council from nominations received from CSEP members; it is awarded at the CSEP AGM.

CSEP Fellow

Introduced in 2018, the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Fellow designation is a recognition of an academic or certified member’s contribution to CSEP. This recognition is independent of contributions to the member’s field of research. The CSEP Fellow designation will recognize leaders in our society who have inspired research excellence among members or been bridge-builders strengthening the relationship between academic and professional members through significant or consistent service

CSEP Seed Grant

Introduced in 2018, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Seed Grant supports Academic members in obtaining pilot data to support a larger funding application at a recognized foundation or agency (CIHR, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Diabetes Canada, NSERC, etc).

CSEP Partnership Grant

The CSEP Partnership Grant supports professional development events and opportunities throughout Canada. This grant provides like-minded organizations and CSEP members with an opportunity to apply for financial or in-kind support for professional development activities which align with the advancement of the CSEP mission.

Ally in Action Award

The CSEP Ally in Action Recognition Award recognizes the contribution of a non-CSEP member (individual or entity) for values shared with CSEP, specifically the promotion of exercise physiology or physical activity. This recognition extends to any Canadian or Canadian entity who demonstrates leadership in promoting these values.

CSEP Certified Member Business Growth Grant

The objective of the CSEP Certified Members Business Growth Grant is to provide direct support to CSEP Certified members efforts and activities that will broaden or grow their practice.

CSEP Scholarship for Persons from Underrepresented Groups

The objective of the CSEP Scholarship for Persons from Underrepresented Groups in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is to increase participation in research that aligns with the goals of CSEP by recruiting and retaining persons who belong to underrepresented minority groups as identified by the Tri-Agency Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan. This purpose aligns with CSEP’s position on EDI.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of the Society’s business. This includes, but is not limited to, applications for membership, awards and grant review, and employment and volunteer positions. CSEP welcomes applications and participation from women, members of racialized groups/visible minorities, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, persons of any sexual orientation, and persons of any gender identity or gender expression. In its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, members of the Society, its committees and employees and/or any award/grant recipients are expected to uphold the same policies in their work related to the Society.