CSEP deeply values the contributions of our members, whose dedication and research in exercise physiology significantly enhance the health and well-being of Canadians. Annually, we celebrate and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our certified professional, academic, and student members through a number of distinct awards, grants, and recognitions. We encourage you to share these opportunities by nominating a peer or yourself, highlighting excellence within our vibrant exercise community. 

Please explore CSEP’s awards and grants below and we welcome you to participate in this celebration of achievement.

CSEP Awards, Grants and Recognitions

This acknowledgment is designed to honour a distinguished past President’s impact on both the society and the broader domain of exercise physiology. It features as a keynote event at the CSEP Annual Conference. The privilege of introduction falls to the current CSEP President, or a designated representative, who will welcome the selected candidate. This individual is tasked with delivering a keynote lecture that both commemorates and illuminates the legacy and scholarly contributions of a highlighted past President. Sponsored by the APNM journal, Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, this award stands as a testament to the enduring influence of leadership in our field.

This acknowledgement is designed to honour Gord Sleivert’s significant achievements in Applied Sport Research and/or Sport Nutrition. The selected candidate will present a 45-minute lecture on a topic of their choice and area of applied sport and/or sport nutrition research at the CSEP Annual Conference.

This acknowledgement is designed to honour the research and other significant contributions of John Sutton. The selected candidate will deliver a lecture on a topic that reflects John Sutton’s research interests during the CSEP Annual Conference.

This award recognizes the exceptional research contributions of a graduate student in the field of exercise physiology. It invites up to four finalists to present their research in a 15-minute oral presentation at the Graduate Student Award Symposium held during the CSEP Annual Conference. A select panel, led by the Vice President of Research, will determine the award recipient.

The purpose of this award is to recognize exceptional research contributions by graduate students. Each year, up to 15 Ph.D. and 15 MSc. finalists will be selected to present their research at the Graduate Student Poster Session during the CSEP Annual Conference. From these finalists, one Ph.D. and one MSc. graduate student will be selected to receive the award.

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge an undergraduate student in physical education, human kinetics, or a related discipline graduating within the current year with the highest standing in the scientific portion of the curriculum. Each spring, these awards are presented by the individual universities student award departments.

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge a graduate student for outstanding research in exercise science. The recipient will present their research during a recognized exercise physiology meeting or conference, which is hosted at the regional level.

This award is designed to offer financial support to undergraduate and graduate students, enabling them to attend the CSEP Annual Conference and engage with the latest in exercise physiology, network with professionals. As a commitment to fostering education and professional development among its members, CSEP offers this award to ensure promising students can benefit from the valuable learning and networking opportunities the conference provides, despite financial constraints.

(Supported by APNM)

This award is designed to honour a remarkable CSEP member who has secured a Ph.D. or M.D. degree within the last decade and has made significant contributions to the field of exercise science. The recipient will have the opportunity to share their groundbreaking research in a 30-minute presentation at the CSEP Annual Conference, highlighting their contributions to the advancement of our field.

The aim of this award is to honour exceptional CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologists™ (CSEP-CEPs) and CSEP Certified Personal Trainers® (CSEP-CPTs) who exhibit a profound dedication to the field of exercise science and have made significant contributions to their community in Canada. The award recognizes those who have used their expertise to make a tangible, positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities across the nation.

The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to CSEP’s Professional Standards Program®. This award recognizes contributions such as, but not limited to committee work, leadership development, and delivery of certifications, and practice and/or research in the healthy and fitness industry. 

*Prior to 2015 the Professional Standards Program® was called the Health and Fitness Program; prior to 2022 it was known as the FACA Program. 

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge the outstanding research and/or work conducted by a certified member (CSEP Certified Personal Trainers® (CSEP-CPT) and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologists™ (CSEP-CEP). The research and/or work must contribute directly to the health and fitness industry. The recipient will provide a presentation at the CSEP Annual Conference outlining the contributions and/or work.

This award recognizes a Professor or Advisor who has demonstrated outstanding mentorship in the field of exercise science or physiology at a Canadian institution. It celebrates those who have made significant contributions to guiding and nurturing the development of their students and/or young investigators, particularly in the last three years. The accolade honors their commitment to fostering excellence and inspiring the next generation of professionals in exercise science.

This award is designed to honour a CSEP member who has made exceptional contributions to the field of exercise physiology in Canada, covering aspects such as physical activity, fitness, health, and human performance. Recognizing achievements primarily in scientific research and scholarship, this accolade also considers extraordinary service to CSEP or related organizations under special circumstances. It celebrates individuals who have significantly advanced the understanding or application of exercise physiology, contributing to the field’s growth and impact in Canada.

This designation honours a CSEP academic or professional member who has made significant contributions to the society, distinct from their research achievements. The CSEP Fellowship celebrates individuals who have demonstrated leadership, fostered excellence in research, and enhanced connections within the membership. Recognizing those who have played pivotal roles in advancing CSEP’s mission, this fellowship acknowledges members who have initiated major projects, actively participated in organizing key events, contributed to governance, promoted CSEP’s role in the community, or made other notable efforts to support and advance the society.

This grant is designed to support academic members in acquiring pilot data that will aid in securing more substantial funding from recognized foundations or agencies such as CIHR, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Diabetes Canada, NSERC, and others. It aims to facilitate preliminary research that lays the groundwork for larger, more comprehensive studies, ultimately advancing the field of exercise physiology and aligning with CSEP’s mission.

The purpose of this grant is to provide support for professional development events and opportunities throughout Canada. This grant provides like-minded organizations and CSEP members with an opportunity to apply for financial assistance or in-kind support for professional development activities which align with the advancement of the CSEP mission. The aim of the CSEP Partnership Grant is to connect qualified exercise professionals with a range of high-quality services, fitness, and research organizations, while providing a wide selection of professional development opportunities for CSEP members.

Accepting Submissions again from October 1 2024 – November 1, 2024

The purpose of this award is to recognize the contributions of a non-CSEP member (individual or entity) for operating with values shared by CSEP, specifically the promotion of exercise physiology or physical activity. This recognition extends to any Canadian or Canadian entity who demonstrates leadership in promoting these values.


This grant aims to offer targeted assistance to CSEP professional members to enhance and expand their professional practice. It supports activities and purchases that directly contribute to the development and growth of their services in exercise physiology, fitness, or physical activity promotion and assessment. The initiative is designed to empower members to make impactful advancements in their practice, aligning with the broader objectives of CSEP.

This scholarship is aimed at supporting individuals from underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as part of CSEP’s commitment to fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion. The scholarship seeks to enhance participation in research that resonates with CSEP’s objectives, focusing on recruiting and supporting underrepresented minority group members in alignment with the Tri-Agency EDI Action Plan. Through this initiative, CSEP aims to empower these individuals, promoting their contributions and presence in exercise physiology and related research fields.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of the Society’s business. This includes, but is not limited to, applications for membership, awards and grant review, and employment and volunteer positions. CSEP welcomes applications and participation from women, members of racialized groups/visible minorities, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, persons of any sexual orientation, and persons of any gender identity or gender expression. In its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, members of the Society, its committees and employees and/or any award/grant recipients are expected to uphold the same policies in their work related to the Society.