Introduced in 2018, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Seed Grant supports Academic members in obtaining pilot data to support a larger funding application at a recognized foundation or agency (CIHR, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Diabetes Canada, NSERC, etc).

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be CSEP member within five years of taking up their first faculty appointment. Preference will be given to CSEP members who are appointed at a Canadian institution. International CSEP members are eligible for this award.

  • The goal of this opportunity is to fund research and thus funds cannot be used for travel, committee participation, position statements, etc. Eligible expenses include, research supplies (chemicals, reagents experimental animals, etc.) graduate student stipend support and study participant honorariums.

  • CSEP must be acknowledged on any research outcomes stemming from this grant.

  • It is expected that successful applicants will assist in the peer review of seed grants in subsequent competitions.

Application Process

  1. The research proposal must be no longer than two pages (not including references), single spaced (12-point, Times New Roman or 11-point Arial font, 2 cm margins). The application should include the following information: A) Importance of research question/rationale; B) outline of study design; C) brief highly qualified personnel (HQP) training plan; D) how the seed grant will be used to support future applications. On a separate page, not included in the 2-page limit, include a budget justification and statement of financial need.
  2. In addition to the proposal, applicants must submit a Canadian Common CV (CCV) using the “CIHR Academic” format.
  3. The award will consist of $5,000 and registration for the principal applicant at the CSEP AGM within two calendar years for the date of the receipt of the award. It is expected that applicants will present the findings of their research stemming from the seed grant at this time. Successful applicants will be invited to write a short review article on the topic of their seed grant in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, & Metabolism, the official journal of CSEP.


  • The seed grant applications will be scored on past track record of research productivity and excellence (1/3) and the research proposal itself (2/3, novelty, importance of research question, strength of design, alignment with CSEP mission etc.).
  • A CIHR scale of 1-5 will be used.
  • In-depth review/feedback comments for unsuccessful applicants are expected. This mentorship is also a service to members.
  • Priority may be given to those with less funding (financial need).

CSEP will announce the successful recipient at the AGM as part of our efforts to showcase this benefit to members.

Application deadline: August 1, 2022.

Previous Award Recipients

Year Recipient Affiliation
2022 Greg Pearcey, PhD Memorial University
2021 Joyce Obeid
2020 Kristen Barton, MD, PhD
2019 Dylan Olver, Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan
2018 Philip Millar, Ph.D. University of Guelph

Equity, Diversity,

and Inclusion Statement

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of the Society’s business. This includes, but is not limited to, applications for membership, awards and grant review, and employment and volunteer positions. CSEP welcomes applications and participation from women, members of racialized groups/visible minorities, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, persons of any sexual orientation, and persons of any gender identity or gender expression. In its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, members of the Society, its committees and employees and/or any award/grant recipients are expected to uphold the same policies in their work related to the Society.