CSEP Statement 

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) supports all health recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada, as well as any guidelines from individual regional health authorities.

In an effort to support our members and their clients, we have compiled the following resources. These materials and links will continue to be updated as this global health crisis evolves.

Return-to-Work Toolkit

Important Note:  While the CSEP website posts general guidance regarding CSEP-CPT and CSEP-CEP practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, AT ALL TIMES provincial and municipal legal statutes and legislative directives governing the states of emergency and staged return-to-work for non-essential personnel will take precedence. 

Specifically, the Medical Officer of Health and/or provincial or territorial government public health authority will establish [and remove] the practice regulations and restrictions.  CSEP members are expected to comply with these regulations.

Some practice activities may be prohibited in your jurisdiction at this time, including online, virtual or telehealth training and counselling. CSEP-CPTs and CSEP-CEPs who are members of a regulated health profession (including Registered Kinesiologists in the Province of Ontario, must adhere to all directives outlined by the College of Kinesiology in their practice). To clarify, as stated by the College: “The practice of exercise physiology falls within the scope of kinesiology. As a Registered Kinesiologist you must follow the direction of the College. You cannot separate the practice of exercise physiology from the practice of kinesiology.”

All the legal statutes supersede the general practice guidance suggested by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. Please check with your local health authority or Medical Officer of Health for updated information in your region.

Tools and links will be updated regularly, as more information becomes available. 

Statement on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Vaccine Health

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology is, first and foremost, an organization whose work is based in rigorous scientific evidence. As such, all guidance and advice from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and its provincial counterparts is expected to be adhered to by all CSEP members and their clients. These recommendations include mask-wearing, physical distancing and all other public health measures which reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

The development of a number of vaccines to counteract COVID-19, and their approval by Canadian authorities is highly encouraging. While all Canadians are entitled to make their own decision as to whether to take the vaccine, CSEP expects that all members will adhere to and promote the advice of PHAC and/or relevant provincial Ministry of Health. Failure to follow any of these guidelines or opting to communicate information outside of their scope of practice/professional expertise may result in cancellation of member’s professional liability insurance, as well as CSEP membership.

Statement from BMS Group regarding the use of PPE and other public health measures:

Decisions about how coverage will respond to claims relating to COVID-19 will be made by the insurer based on the facts of each claim, the policy at issue and applicable law. As with professional practice generally, the insured is expected to practice safely and work within their scope of practice. During the current COVID-19 pandemic this means following the recommendations of their provincial/territorial government and the best practice guidelines and standards set by their regulatory/professional body and workplace, particularly with respect to infection prevention, use of PPE, and safe delivery of care.

Online CPR-C Courses for the Recertification of CPR

CSEP is accepting online CPR-C courses for the recertification of CPR. Courses must still meet the ILCOR standards for a CPR-C course and it must be a recertification, not the first time completing their CPR-C.

*Note: CSEP has confirmed that these courses meet the ILCOR standards required by CSEP. Inclusion on this list does not constitute or imply an endorsement by CSEP of the product, service, or its producer or provider.

American Red Cross – redcross.org
Simple CPR – simplecpr.com
First Aid Connect – firstaidconnect.ca

The Personal – Relief Measures

The Personal Insurance Company has created a means of communication to keep CSEP members apprised of pertinent information and to provide updates as they become available. Their website now includes an important notice message which directs you to a landing page dedicated to the current situation.

The current situation resulting from the spread of COVID-19 affects us all and we want you to know that The Personal is here for you. We understand that you may be struggling at this time. That’s why we want to make things a little easier for you with our relief measures.

  • Helping clients who are driving less during the pandemic
  • Helping people make deliveries
  • Protecting clients who are working from home

To learn more, please visit https://www.thepersonal.com/covid-19-en 

Healthy Movement During COVID-19

Media Release – Practicing healthy movement behaviours in the COVID-19 era (World Physical Activity Day 2020)

Tip Sheet – Helping your clients practice healthy movement behaviours during COVID-19

Tips to Meet the Guidelines – While Practicing Physical Distancing


Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person events that appear on the CSEP website have been or will be cancelled, or postponed to a later date. Please contact the event host directly for more information.

Personal Protective Equipment

If you currently have personal protective equipment (PPE*) that you are able to spare, please follow these instructions:

For Large Quantities and Access to Suppliers

The Ontario government has set up a website where you can disclose the resources you have available.

For Smaller Quantities

We would appreciate it if you could contact the OMA and RNAO directly for smaller quantities. We are making this request in order to help transfer resources locally to frontline healthcare providers. Please contact christine.poopalapillai@oma.org with the following information:

Member Name:
Member/Clinic Location (please include postal code):
Member Phone:
Member Email:
Supplies Available and Quantity:

PPE* includes: surgical/procedure masks, N95 masks, gloves, gowns, eye protection

General Information

Public Health Agency of Canada:  Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Public Health Agency of Canada:  Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): For health professionals

During the continually evolving health crisis, CSEP wants to let members and candidates know how we can support you during this time. 

CSEP Members: In an effort to ease the financial burden on our members, CSEP will extend this year’s renewal deadline by 14 days (up to April 14, 2020). Also, the requirement to recertify your CPR-C has been extended by six months.

Renewal packages are currently being prepared and will be sent out as soon as we are able, although members should expect some delay on delivery as CSEP staff are working remotely and Canada Post may be reduced in the upcoming weeks. If you require a copy of your insurance certificate right away, please contact memberships@csep.ca for assistance.  A copy of your membership certificate can be found on your member portal/my account/memberships

CSEP Candidates: Registration deadline extensions will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Events: If you are currently registered for a CSEP or CSEP-affiliated event, please contact the host to determine the event status. In the event that your CSEP event or activity has been cancelled, CSEP will issue a full refund without penalty. The same applies to candidates registered for exams or workshops with a CSEP Instructor-Examiner.

** Important announcement regarding Theory Exams**

PearsonVUE, CSEP’s Theory Exam host, is closing all PearsonVUE test centres in Canada and the United States, effective immediately and until April 16, 2020.

Candidates with scheduled exams will receive a cancellation notification from PearsonVUE directly with instructions on how to schedule new testing dates on or after April 16, 2020.

At this time, third party run PearsonVUE testing sites remain open at their own discretion, but with fewer testing times available.

Currently online proctoring is not affected and running as usual, and candidates are encouraged to pursue this option.

Please direct any questions to memberships@csep.ca

Mental Health Support

During this evolving health crisis, it is possible that you or your clients may experience some mental health challenges stemming from uncertainty or isolation. CSEP recommends the following resources to assist you during this time: 

Canadian Mental Health Association:  CMHA-created resources and suggestions to help support your mental health at this time of uncertainty.  

Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT): a network of academic and clinical experts dedicated to improving clinical care for people with mood and anxiety disorders.

More Information

This page will be updated frequently; reach out to memberships@csep.ca if you have questions or require immediate support.  Please note that the CSEP employees are currently working from home, therefore email is the best method to get in touch with us.

We wish the best to you and your family for continued physical and mental health. We urge you to stay positive and patient, and be kind to one another. As always, thank you for your continued support of the Gold Standard in Exercise Science and Personal Training.

Please contact us at memberships@csep.ca if you require further information.