The CSEP Board of Directors plays an important role providing leadership and overseeing the activities of the organization. The Board is responsible to the members and has the obligation to render an account for the responsibility conferred. The Board represents the interests of the members and the broader community, and, in setting direction, the Board actively consults with members and the community at large. The Board ensures that CSEP operates with appropriate transparency and is active and forthright in its communications.

The Board is responsible to be knowledgeable about risks inherent in CSEP’s operations and ensures that appropriate risk analysis is performed as part of Board decision-making. The Board ensures that appropriate programs and processes are in place to protect against risk.


Bill Sheel, PhD

University of British Columbia

Chair Elect
Kristi Adamo, PhD

University of Ottawa

Vice-Chair, Research
Darren DeLorey, PhD

University of Alberta

Professional Standards

Kirstin Lane, PhD

University of Victoria

Jennifer Copeland, PhD

University of Lethbridge

Director, Academic
Rebecca MacPherson, PhD

Brock University

Director, Academic
Denis Joanisse, PhD

Université Laval

Director, Student
Jennifer Williams, PhD

McMaster University

Director, CSEP-CEP
Kevin Boldt, PhD
Trent University

Director, CSEP-CPT
Ginger Lamoureux


Director, Conference
Jamie Burr, PhD

University of Guelph