Upcoming AGM Dates & Locations 

YearDateLocationHost Institution
2021October 13-16, 2021Online/VirtualN/A
2022November 2-5, 2022Fredericton, NBUniversity of New Brunswick; Université de Moncton
2023October 11-14, 2023Calgary, ABUniversity of Calgary

Past AGM Dates & Locations 

YearDateLocationHost Institution
2020October 14-17, 2020Online/VirtualN/A
2019November 6-9, 2019Kelowna, BCUniversity of British Columbia; University of British Columbia Okanagan
2017October 31- November 3, 2018Winnipeg, MBUniversity of Manitoba; University of Winnipeg
2016October 25-28, 2017    Victoria, BCUniversity of Victoria; Camosun College
2018October 12-15, 2016Niagara Falls, ONBrock University
2015October 14-17, 2015Hamilton, ONMcMaster University
2014October 22-25, 2014St. John's, NLMemorial University of Newfoundland
2013October 16-19, 2013Toronto, ONUniversity of Toronto
2012October 10-13, 2012Regina, SKUniversity of Regina
2011October 19-22, 2011Québec, QCUniversité Laval
2010November 3-6, 2010Toronto, ONYork University
2009November 11-14, 2009Vancouver, BCUniversity of British Columbia
2008October 15-18, 2008Banff, ABUniversity of Alberta; University of Calgary
2007November 14-17, 2007London, ONUniversity of Western Ontario
2006November 1-4, 2006Halifax, NSAcadia University; Dalhousie University
2005November 9-12, 2005Gatineau, QCUniversity of Ottawa / Université d'Ottawa; Queen's University
2004October 13-16, 2004Saskatoon, SKUniversity of Regina; University of Saskatchewan
2003October 1-4, 2003Niagara-on-the-Lake, ONBrock University
2002October 16-19, 2002St. John´s, NLMemorial University of Newfoundland
2001October 31-November 3, 2001Montréal, QCUniversité de Montréal
2000October 25-28, 2000Canmore, ABUniversity of Alberta; University of Calgary
1999October 13-16, 1999Toronto, ONUniversity of Guelph
1998Ocober 21-24, 1998Fredericton, NBUniversity of New Brunswick
1997October 22-25, 1997Toronto, ONDCIEM
1996September 1996Vancouver, BC
1995October 1995Québec, QC
1994October 1994Hamilton, ON
1993October 1993London, ON
1992September 1992Saskatoon, SK
1991October 1991Kingston, ON
1990September 1990Minaki, ON
1989November 1989Montréal, QC
1988October 1988Sudbury, ON
1987October 1987Lake Louise, AB
1986October 1986Ottawa, ON
1985October 1985Québec, QC
1984November 1984Moncton, NB
1983November 1983Waterloo, ON
1982October 1982Victoria, BC
1981November 1981Halifax, NS
1980October 1980Toronto, ON
1979January 1980Vancouver, BC
1978January 1979Mont Ste-Marie, QC
1977October 1977Winnipeg, MB
1976July 1976Québec, QC
1975October 1975Ottawa, ON
1974October 1974Edmonton, AB
1973October 1973Montréal, QC
1972October 1972Vancouver, BC
1971May 1971Toronto, ON
1970October 1970Québec, QC
1969October 1969Calgary, AB
1968March 1968Toronto, ON
1967July 1967Winnipeg, MB