CSEP Recommended Course Maps (CSEP RCM) help interested applicants plan their studies to reach the goal of becoming CSEP Certified.

Each CSEP RCM aligns academic courses offered by a post-secondary institution with the Core Competencies of the CSEP certifications. While you are not required to have courses that align with each core competency, we recommend that you have courses in these areas before challenging the process. We have worked in collaboration with academic institutions to review the courses they offer to develop each CSEP RCM. This tool provides interested applicants a way to plan their future courses and assist current applicants align courses with the Core Competencies. Each CSEP RCM is a tool to assist you and are not prescriptive.

Using the CSEP Recommended Course Maps

Navigate through the list of post-secondary institutions below to find their CSEP RCMs. If you have attended more than one institution you are encouraged to reference the CSEP RCMs for all of the institutions you attended when preparing to apply. If the school you attended is not listed or if you completed your education before the development of a CSEP RCM you can review the current ones to gain a better understanding  of the type of courses that generally satisfy the Core Competency criteria.

We continue to develop CSEP-CEP and CSEP-CPT RCMs for more institutions.