Academic, student, postdoctoral fellow and research staff memberships are available for those who want to contribute to the gold standard of exercise science research while studying or instructing in the field.


Academic Membership Benefits PDF

Your research in the field of exercise science is the backbone of what CSEP stands for. Why not be on the inside track?

As an Academic member, you are a valued CSEP Ambassador; your promotion of CSEP’s certifications among your peers and your students is invaluable to CSEP’s continued success. Leverage your CSEP Academic Membership to amplify your research findings and integrate into and inform clinical practice guidelines in Canada and beyond.  Earn industry recognition for your leadership while connecting with other Academic leaders for collaborative projects and recruit bright minds to grow your team.

Pre-Requisites: Academic/Researcher membership is open to individuals who hold graduate or postgraduate university degree in relevant disciplines related to exercise science, or the degree of Doctor of Medicine, or the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic.

*Being an Academic member does not preclude you from also holding a professional membership.  Annual renewal is required.

Price: $225.00

Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Staff

CSEP recognizes the unique position of postdoctoral fellows and research staff who are either transitioning from student roles to academic careers or working as research staff in Kinesiology related laboratories. To support these important roles, we’ve introduced the “CSEP Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Staff” membership category.

As a member of this category, you will have access to member only benefits, industry recognition and CSEP event opportunities. Whether you’re involved in research or focusing on your next academic opportunity, being a part of CSEP offers a platform for networking, growth, amplifying the findings of your research, contributing to advancing the interests of the profession, and staying updated with the latest in exercise science.


Membership in this category is open to individuals with a graduate degree in exercise science or a related discipline. It is specifically tailored for those who do not currently hold academic appointments as assistant, associate, or full professors.

*Being a member in the “CSEP Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Staff” category does not preclude you from a professional membership annual renewal is required.

Price: $75.00


Pursuing studies in Kinesiology, Human Kinetics, Exercise Physiology, Fitness and Health Promotion or another related program? There’s no better time to join CSEP, especially now that our student membership fee is $0. Seize this opportunity to propel your career forward while unlocking exclusive members-only benefits, join one of our dynamic committees, access exciting networking events to learn about research or career opportunities, learn about the Gold Standard in Exercise Science and Personal Training through our Professional Memberships Clinical Exercise Physiologistand Certified Personal Trainer® and attend our highly anticipated annual conference and Professional Development Days at a reduced student rate. Staying informed has also never been easier, with access to the latest CSEP updates through our monthly newsletters and promotions.


Open to individuals registered in a college program or university undergraduate or graduate programs in relevant disciplines, e.g., kinesiology, human kinetics, exercise science, fitness and health promotion.

The CSEP Student Committee Executive and Terms of Reference

*Being a Student member does not preclude you from a professional membership. Membership as a student continues automatically until your graduation.  Professional Membership (CSEP-CPT and CSEP-CEP) requires annual renewals.

Price: $0.00