Maintain your certified membership by renewing it annually.

All CSEP members need to renew their membership by March 31, annually. Annual membership renewal illustrates that members are staying current and have the knowledge to put the latest evidence informed research to practice. Renewing is a simple online process that allows you to maintain your certification and all member benefits.

To renew annually you need to:

  • Earn CSEP Professional Development Credits (audit occurs every two years).

  • Ensure CPR-C or equivalent is no more than one-year old.  Keep this in your files, you do not need to submit to CSEP.

  • Complete the annual renewal survey.

  • Submit the online renewal form and pay renewal fees (late-fees will apply if you renew between April 1 and May 31).

Renewal Fees:

  • CSEP-CPTs: $260 + tax (includes Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability Insurance)*
  • CSEP-CEPs: $295 + tax (includes Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability Insurance)*

*fees are for the 2023-2024 membership year. Fees are subject to change.

If you are a current CSEP-CPT who is pursuing the CSEP-CEP certification at the time of renewal, you are encouraged to renew to maintain your certification and insurance to continue practicing. When you complete the process to become a CSEP-CEP you will need to pay an upgrade fee of $30, not the full certification fee.

Annual membership renewal opens annually during the month of February. Visit for more information.

Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance and Commercial General Liability is included in the membership fees for CSEP Certified Personal Trainer® and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™ certifications. This industry leading program covers you for acts carried out within your Scope of Practice. The Scope of Practice defines the actions and activities that certified members are qualified and insured to perform under their defined certification.

If you are a CSEP member, you can login to access the Insurance program page for more information on the insurance plans and processes for CSEP-CEPs and CSEP-CPTs and the additional Liability Insurance options available to members.

Leave of Absence 

In the event of medical or emergency situation which would prevent a CSEP certified member from carrying out their work during the member year, CSEP-CEPs and CSEP-CPTs may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) from their membership. This leave is subject to approval by CSEP and is effective for the current membership year (April 1 to March 31 annually) only. Specific rules apply; please review the full policy details below.

Reinstatement Policy 

All memberships and Liability Insurance lapse after March 31, annually. There is a two-month grace period until May 31, applicable to membership only, when memberships expire. For CSEP certified members whose membership has lapsed in the previous membership year there is an opportunity to submit an appeal for reinstatement. Reinstatement is subject to approval by CSEP. Specific rules apply; please review the full policy details below.

Renew your Membership for 2023-2024


CSEP Staggered Payment Plan 2023

CSEP is once again offering members the option to renew their membership over three equal, monthly, payments. Payments will be debited from your credit card on the monthly date of your first payment. i.e., February 12, March 12, April 12. Insurance costs will be collected as part of the first payment.

Please click the links below* to renew your membership as three payments over 90 days.

PLEASE NOTE: CSEP membership renewal and the accompanying Professional Liability Insurance from BMS will not be considered active until all three payments have been received. Missed payments may be subject to penalties. No refunds are offered on partial payments. Deadline to enroll in the Staggered Payment Plan is March 31, 2023.

*CSEP Members- please log into your portal account before clicking the links to see staggered payment forms.

CSEP CPR-C Recertification

CSEP is now accepting online and distance learning CPR-C recertification.

CSEP has partnered with Pacific Medical Training and Secourisme RCR Quebec to offer special pricing for CSEP members on online CPR training.

In addition to the courses listed above, CSEP has confirmed that these popular courses also meet the ILCOR standards required by CSEP. Inclusion on this list does not constitute or imply an endorsement by CSEP of the product, service, or its producer or provider.

*Online and distance learning for CPR-C is only available for certification renewal. New members and first-time candidates must obtain an in-person session

Renewals FAQs

You are required to renew your CSEP-CPT/CSEP-CEP certification every year on or before March 31st. You can renew online straight from your membership profile on the CSEP Member Portal. You can renew for the upcoming year starting sometime in February.

The following is required for renewal:

  • Collection of CSEP-Professional Development Credits (every two years).
  • Documentation proving current CPR level C or equivalent certification (Certification must not be more than a year old).
  • Completion of the annual renewal survey.

CSEP Certified members Code of Conduct


Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability insurance is included in the member fees for the CSEP Certified Personal Trainer® and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist®, and this covers you for acts carried out within the respective Scope of Practice.

  • If you are a CSEP member, you can log in to access the professional liability insurance program page. This page will highlight the all of the insurance plans for CSEP-CEPs and CSEP-CPTs.
  • If you require a PDF copy of your policy, please contact

If you are a CSEP-CPT or CSEP-CEP, you can purchase optional insurance extensions. To do so, log into your CSEP Store account and view personalized information about available add-ons on the Membership+Insurance tab of your CSEP Store Account page.

If you are a CSEP-CEP, you have online access to the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism (APNM), including all back issues. To access it, log into your CSEP Store account and click on the “Members-Only Benefits” tab of your CSEP Store Account page.

If you are a CSEP-CPT, you can purchase this access for $25/year. To purchase it, log into your CSEP Store account and click on the “Member Benefits” tab of your CSEP Store Account page.

Yes. CSEP is a national organization and its certifications are recognized nationwide. Once certified with CSEP, as a member your professional certification and insurance policy are valid in any Canadian province.

No, they are not transferable abroad. Equivalency among international certifications is not straightforward. The real challenge is to obtain an insurance policy in the country in which you wish to practice. In these circumstances you may also require certification from that country.


Annual CPR-C recertification is required as part of the CSEP insurance policy. The insurance will not cover any incident that occurs if your most recent CPR recertification was over one year ago at the time of the incident.


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