Maintain your certified membership by renewing it annually.

All CSEP members need to renew their membership by March 31, annually. Annual membership renewal illustrates that members are staying current and have the knowledge to put the latest evidence informed research to practice. Renewing is a simple online process that allows you to maintain your certification and all member benefits.

To renew annually you need to:

  • Earn CSEP Professional Development Credits (audit occurs every two years).

  • Hold current and valid CPR-C.

  • Submit the online renewal form and pay renewal fees (late-fees will apply if you renew between April 1 and May 31).

Renewal Fees:

  • CSEP-CPTs: $260 + tax (includes Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability Insurance)*
  • CSEP-CEPs: $295 + tax (includes Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability Insurance)*

*fees are for the 2024-2025 membership year. Fees are subject to change.

If you are a current CSEP-CPT who is pursuing the CSEP-CEP certification at the time of renewal, you are encouraged to renew to maintain your certification and insurance to continue practicing. When you complete the process to become a CSEP-CEP you will need to pay an upgrade fee of $35, not the full certification fee.

Professional Liability Insurance & Commercial General Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance & Commercial General Liability is included in the membership fees for CSEP Certified Personal Trainer® and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™ certifications. This industry leading program covers you for acts carried out within your Scope of Practice. The Scope of Practice defines the actions and activities that certified members are qualified and insured to perform under their defined certification.

If you are a CSEP-CPT or CSEP-CEP, log into your CSEP Store Account to view more information about insurance.”

Leave of Absence 

CSEP-CEPs and CSEP-CPTs may apply for a leave of absence (LOA). Once your LOA is approved by CSEP it is effective for the current membership year (April 1 to March 31).

For complete details on the Leave of Absence process, please visit

Reinstatement Policy 

All memberships and liability insurance lapse after March 31, annually. For CSEP certified members whose membership has lapsed in the three previous membership years, there is an opportunity to submit an appeal for reinstatement. Reinstatement is subject to approval by CSEP. Specific rules apply; please review the full policy details below.

Renew your Membership for 2024-2025


Split your certification renewal into three monthly payments

CSEP is once again offering members the option to renew their membership over three equal monthly payments. Payments will be charged to your credit card when you submit your renewal, then again 30 and 60 days later. Insurance costs will be collected as part of the first payment.

CSEP membership renewals will not be considered active until all three payments have been received. Missed payments may be subject to penalties. No refunds are offered on partial payments.

Three monthly payments options are available to CSEP-CPTs and CSEP-CEPs renewing their membership on the CSEP store.

CPR-C Recertification

New for 2024-2025 CSEP has updated the CPR-C policy for professional members. The new policy no longer requires annual CPR recertification, instead professional members must hold a valid (not expired) CPR certification. Most CPR certifications are valid for three years from the date of completion.

CSEP is now accepting online and distance learning CPR-C recertification.

CSEP has partnered with Pacific Medical Training to offer special pricing for CSEP members on online CPR training.

In addition to the courses listed above, CSEP has confirmed that these popular courses also meet the ILCOR standards required by CSEP. Inclusion on this list does not constitute or imply an endorsement by CSEP of the product, service, or its producer or provider.

*Online and distance learning for CPR-C is only available for certification renewal. New members and first-time candidates must obtain an in-person session

Renewals FAQs

Go to, or log into and follow the renewal links on your Account page.

 log-in to your CSEP Member portal ( and go to ‘My Account’ + ‘Membership’

Yes, to maintain your CSEP membership you need to renew annually by March 31st. If you became a member after October 1st, 2023, you registered at a prorated amount.

CSEP recognizes the economic difficulties some of our members may be facing so once again this year CSEP is NOT increasing the membership fees.

  • CSEP-CPT Membership fee: $260 +tax (late fees apply after March 31, 2024) 
  • CSEP-CEP Membership fee: $295 +tax (late fees apply after March 31, 2024) 
  • NEW CSEP Student Membership fee:  $0 for a limited time
  • CSEP Academic Membership fee: $225 + tax 
  • CSEP Supporter? fee: $100 + tax until March 31, 2024

*If you hold a CSEP High Performance Specialist™ or CSEP Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist™ specialization, it will renew automatically with your CSEP-CPT or CSEP-CEP membership at no additional cost.

CSEP accepts major credit cards and e-transfers. In addition, CSEP offers members the option of renewing their membership in 3 monthly payments.

PLEASE NOTE:  Missed payments may be subject to penalties.  No refunds are offered on partial payments. The deadline to enroll in the three monthly payments is March 31, 2024.

Should you change credit cards or wish to process a renewal payment using a different card, please visit the

These purchases can be made directly through the link on your CSEP Member portal dashboard or by visiting

Please allow a few days after your membership is submitted on the CSEP Store for your renewal to be processed and updated on the CSEP Portal. Log into the CSEP Portal and then click on “My Account” + “Membership”. From there, you can download or print your certificate.

On your CSEP Store Account page, click on “Order History”, and find the transaction for your renewal. Click on the print icon at the right end of the list, or click on the transaction and click on the link to open a printable receipt.

Insurance policies will be updated 1-2 weeks after you have renewed. 2024-25 insurance policies will be emailed to the email address associated with your CSEP Portal Account. If you would like a physical copy of your insurance policy, please email and include your full mailing address to request a copy via Canada Post. 

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, CSEP no longer provides a printed annual certificate or annual member ID cards. If you require one for work, or because you have misplaced last year’s version, please contact us at and we will be happy to send you a replacement.

If you are going on leave during this membership year and you will not be using your certification, you may be eligible for a leave of absence (LOA). Please review the policy details here: To maintain your membership, you must submit a leave of absence application at The fee to apply for an LOA is $137.50 + tax for both CSEP-CPT and CSEP-CEP Members.

Yes, the eligibility window has now been expanded from 1 year to 3 years. Currently, anyone that did not renew during 2021-2022, 2022-2023 or 2023-2024 can apply for reinstatement.

CSEP-CPTs: The reinstatement fee is $260 (membership fee) + $137.50 (administration fee) + tax 

CSEP-CEPs: The reinstatement fee is $295 (membership fee) + $137.50 (administration fee) + tax.

Proof of CSEP PDCs is no longer required for reinstatement, however reinstating members will be audited in the next audit cycle for their certification.

The CSEP-PDC Chart can be found at

No, this is a one-time reinstatement. Should your certified membership lapse again, you will have to follow the standard process for re-certification (application, approval and exams).

Yes, if you have retired or are no longer practicing in the field, but would like to remain connected, we encourage you to consider our Supporter or Academic memberships.

 No, you do not need to submit proof of your PDCs with your renewal. You are only required to submit proof if you have been contacted directly as part of the PDC audit. Members are selected at random for the PDC audit. You are responsible for maintaining all records of completed PDCs in the event you are selected. The focus of the audit alternates on a yearly basis between CSEP-CEP and CSEP-CPT certifications. Members contacted for the audit will have until December 31st of that year to submit proof of their completed PDC’s. This upcoming membership year (2024-2025) is a CSEP-CPT audit year.

No, you do not need to submit these documents. However, you are required to maintain proof that you have CPR-C.

Online and distance learning for CPR-C is only available for certification renewal.  New members and first-time candidates must obtain their CPR certification via an in-person session.

CSEP will accept CPR courses issued by:

  • An organization that adheres to the ILCOR standards, OR
  • An organization whose instructors are certified by and/or registered with an organization which adheres to the ILCOR standards, OR
  • An organization which adheres to the ILCOR standards for CPR courses/recertification delivered by an independent

See the Member Benefits tab of your CSEP Store Account page for special CPR offers for CSEP members.

You are required to hold current and valid CPR (not expired).

You can enter your employer’s credit card information during the checkout process. Otherwise, please contact us at and we will be happy to make arrangements.

I have a question that is not covered in this FAQ

For any other questions, please contact