Exercise is Medicine Canada is in transition! 

Following a detailed analysis of the Exercise is Medicine® Canada (EiMC) goals, objectives, and current initiatives leading to ongoing engagement, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Board of Directors has concluded that continuing to hold the National Center License signed in 2012 with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to operate Exercise is Medicine in Canada is no longer viable for the Society.

It is the CSEP’s belief that the EiM goals will be more appropriately advanced through an organization with the capacity and mandate to provide primary care services directly to patients and whose members help support quality health care for patients in Canada.

In the transition period for Exercise is Medicine Canada to a new governance structure, current EiMC Professional Network members will be able to continue to recognize themselves as EIMC Exercise Professionals or Health Professionals. The EiMC online store will not be accepting renewals or new registrations. There will be details on the new format of the EiMC network participation and engagement detailed in future communications from EiMC.

CSEP sets high standards for qualified exercise professionals through evidence-based practice and certification and CSEP members are well-positioned to continue to receive referrals from primary care medical practitioners when a new licensee is announced.

Exercise is Medicine® is an initiative established in 2007 by the American College of Sports Medicine to recognize exercise as important vital sign. In Canada, the initiative is guided by a voluntary National Advisory Council with representatives from the medical, fitness, exercise and health sectors. More on EiMC: http://exerciseismedicine.org/canada.

Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) promotes physical activity, health promotion and wellness. EIMC is supported by an Advisory Council with representatives from the primary healthcare and exercise professional organizations. The Council meets annually to guide the strategic direction and activities of the EIMC program.

The EIMC Professional Network brings together regulated health care professions and EIMC Recognized Exercise Professionals as part of the movement to change the way healthcare is delivered and chronic disease is prevented and managed in Canada. Together in this network, health care professionals and exercise professionals help their patients meet both physical activity and health goals related to chronic disease prevention, management and treatment.

Vision: “Physical activity is an integral part of prevention and treatment of chronic disease in the Canadian Health Care System so that more Canadians meet Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines .”

The goals of Exercise is Medicine Canada are to:

  • Increase the number of health care professionals who are assessing, prescribing and counselling patients in physical activity; and,
  • Facilitate the collaboration between health care and Exercise is Medicine Canada recognized professional in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

View more information on exerciseismedicine.ca