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Meet our Volunteers- Kelly Mackenzie


Kelly Mackenzie has made a tremendous contribution to the CSEP Professional Standards Program®. As a long serving volunteer, Kelly has sat on various CSEP-PSP® Committees and subcommittees including the Professional Standards Program Committee®, the CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™ Technical Sub-Committee and the CSEP Appeals Committee. Kelly first joined the CSEP-PSP Committee in 2016. Since [...]

Meet our Volunteers- Kelly Mackenzie2021-06-22T16:10:52-04:00

Meet our Volunteers- Jennifer Jakobi


Dr. Jennifer (Jenn) Jakobi has made a significant volunteer contribution to CSEP through her work on the Board of Directors, various working groups and as an Associate Editor for CSEP’s journal, Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism (APNM). Jenn joined the Board in 2009 as Voting Member at Large (now called Director, Academic). She served [...]

Meet our Volunteers- Jennifer Jakobi2021-06-22T16:01:25-04:00

Meet our Volunteers- Jonathon Fowles


What contributions or achievements are you most proud? Being recognized as a Fellow by the Society is an incredible honour and recognition that I am tremendously proud of. This is truly a ‘career’ recognition by your professional colleagues for the work you have done for the society and the profession and to be acknowledged [...]

Meet our Volunteers- Jonathon Fowles2021-06-22T15:54:19-04:00

Meet our Volunteers- Jennifer Kuk


As part of its ongoing volunteer recognition initiative, CSEP recently interviewed Dr. Jennifer Kuk,  an Associate Editor with Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism (APNM). Below are highlights of the discussion. How long have you been a volunteer editor for APNM and what interested you about the position?  I have been an Associate Editor for APNM [...]

Meet our Volunteers- Jennifer Kuk2021-06-22T15:46:58-04:00

Meet our Volunteers- Kirstin Lane


Dr. Kirstin Lane has been a CSEP certified member for more than 20 years. Over this period, she has worked tirelessly on numerous committees and working groups. If you work in the field of exercise science in Canada, your work has been impacted by Kirstin's tireless volunteerism. If you have used the CSEP Physical [...]

Meet our Volunteers- Kirstin Lane2021-06-22T15:39:39-04:00

Meet our Volunteers- Dr. Audrey Hicks


For over two decades Dr. Audrey Hicks has been an outstanding volunteer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology through service on the Board and various working groups, as a conference chair, and as an Associate Editor with the CSEP journal, Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism (APNM). Audrey joined the Board of Directors in [...]

Meet our Volunteers- Dr. Audrey Hicks2021-06-22T15:31:39-04:00




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