The CSEP Professional Standards Program (PSP) will recognize the outstanding research and/or work conducted by its certified members: CSEP Certified Personal Trainers® (CSEP-CPT) and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologists™ (CSEP-CEP). The research and/or work will contribute directly to the HFP program activities. The HFP Certified Member Award competition takes place annually in conjunction with the CSEP Annual General Meeting (AGM).

For more information, see the Terms of Reference.

Past Recipients

2022 Brianna Leadbetter, CSEP-CEP,
Alex Game, CSEP-CEP (Finalist),
Jou-Chung (Victoria) Chang, CSEP-CEP (Finalist)
2021 Nick Bray, CSEP-CEP,
Joseph Brown CSEP-CPT (Finalist)
2020 Kristine Godziuk, CSEP-CEP, University of Alberta
2019 Sarah Weller, CSEP-CEP, University of British Columbia
2018 Kristine Godziuk, CSEP-CEP, University of Alberta
2017 Brandon Collins, CSEP-CEP, Memorial University
2016 Denise Wooding, CSEP-CPT, University of Toronto
2015 Kevin Boldt, CSEP-CEP, University of Calgary
2014 Allana LeBlanc, CSEP-CEP, University of Ottawa
2013 Joel Krentz, University of Saskatchewan
2012 Elias Tomaras, University of Calgary
2011 Rob Gumeniak, York University
  • CSEP-CPT: Vivian Poon, York University
  • CSEP-CEP: Jessica Scott, University of British Columbia

Equity, Diversity,
and Inclusion Statement

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of the Society’s business. This includes, but is not limited to, applications for membership, awards and grant review, and employment and volunteer positions. CSEP welcomes applications and participation from women, members of racialized groups/visible minorities, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, persons of any sexual orientation, and persons of any gender identity or gender expression. In its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, members of the Society, its committees and employees and/or any award/grant recipients are expected to uphold the same policies in their work related to the Society.