The Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines, now available in Punjabi!

April 17, 2023

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is pleased to announce the launch of the first full translation and cultural tailoring of the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines (24HMG) for Adults 18+!

Punjabi is the third most common language in Canada. Many immigrant and marginalized individuals, who represent a growing percentage of the Canadian population, speak languages other than English or French (the current languages for the 24HMG). A straightforward translation of the materials, however, may not have been culturally appropriate as certain aspects of the movement behaviours (e.g., the sweating that comes with moderate-vigorous physical activity, the concept of sedentary behaviour) needed to be presented differently.

With financial support from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Punjabi translation project was led by Mahabhir Kandola and supervised by Guy Faulkner from the University of British Columbia.

As a member of the Punjabi community himself, Mr. Kandola:

  • Facilitated interviews to understand how to culturally tailor the materials;
  • Translated the interviews to English to share the findings with a steering committee;
  • Incorporated the suggestions stemming from the interviews into the guideline materials; and
  • Translated the guideline materials and corresponding website pages to Punjabi.

Mahabhir also worked closely with CSEP and ParticipACTION staff to ensure consistency in branding across the materials. Thanks to a big team effort, you can now find all 24HMG materials in Punjabi for adults 18-64 and 65+ here:

More information about the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines in general can be found at



Michel Hachey
Director – Marketing, Communications and Events

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