August 18, 2020

There is a great line-up of Symposia to look forward to at CSEP 2020 Online: Strengthening our Performance; Keeping our Connections. We’ve interviewed each symposia chair to give you a preview of what to expect and how attending will benefit you.

In this feature we talk to Dr. Stu Phillips from McMaster University, who is chairing the symposium “Nutritional approaches to support exercise-induced musculoskeletal adaptation” at CSEP 2020.

What can CSEP certified members learn from attending the session you’re chairing that they can apply to their practice?

I think most people now realize the interaction between diet and exercise. Clearly specific dietary practices can impinge upon the responses to various forms of exercise training be it aerobic or resistance exercise. In our symposium we’ll cover the most up-to-date science in three areas: the influence of n-3 fatty acid supplementation, sex-based differences, and protein and amino acid supplementation. We recognize that these topics are relatively novel in some cases – n-3 supplements and sex differences – and perhaps more ‘run of the mill’ in the case of protein supplementation, however, I think even the most ardent researcher will learn something new.

What do you think makes this topic and the content unique to the CSEP conference?

At one time most of what we learned in exercise physiology from a dietary perspective was about carbohydrates and their impact on performance. We know, however, that other nutrients exert their influence on training and exercise performance adaptations. I think people will be pleasantly surprised with the new things they will learn attending the symposium.

CSEP 2020 will be 100% online this year; how do you think this will affect your session?

I’m sure we all wished we were in Fredericton, I know I do, but that’s not going to happen. At first, I think we were all fatigued with the online content, but we’re getting better at putting on good shows and delivering great content in innovative ways. Our symposium features dynamic speakers and interesting and relevant topics and will highlight some new data from each of the speakers. I know it won’t be the Atlantic province feeling, but I’m certain people will enjoy the symposium.

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