Certification Study Resources 

Prepare for your certification exams with these recommended study resources. 


CSEP-CPT Candidate Modules

Designed specifically for CSEP-CPT candidates this video series will strengthen your knowledge of the CSEP-CPT certification and the CSEP-PATH manual's client-centred approach. Subscribe to one or all of the seven videos in the series and watch it on-demand.  Learn more


CSEP-CEP Candidate Modules 

Each of the videos covers the fundamentals of the CSEP areas of Core Competency for the CSEP-CEP. Subscribe to one of six different videos available in this collection to strengthen your knowledge of key concepts and populations.  Learn more 


CSEP Certified Personal Trainer® Certification Guide 


In this guide you'll find details on completing the exam process, preparing for your CSEP-CPT Theory and Practical Exams, and study questions.  This certification guide, is a complement to the CSEP-PATH Manual (the required resource for all CSEP-CPT candidates) and enhances your experience in pursuing certification. Learn more 





CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist® Certification Guide 
In this guide you'll find details on exam preparation, scope of practice for CSEP-CEPs, and key focus areas to review before scheduling your exam. There are helpful practice questions to test your knowledge in advance of exams. The guide also outlines the content areas where individuals should be competent to be eligible to challenge the exam. Learn more







CSEP Physical Activity Training for Health® (CSEP-PATH®) Resource Manual

The CSEP-PATH® offers a comprehensive, evidence-based foundation for the training and work of qualified exercise professionals. The Resource Manual includes a comprehensive set of evidence-based physical activity, fitness, and lifestyle assessment protocols. The manual includes a Toolkit with client questionnaires, handouts, worksheets, and tools for qualified exercise professionals. This is a required resource for all CSEP-CPTs.  Learn more






CSEP Recommended Course Maps 


CSEP RCM aligns academic courses offered by a post-secondary institution with the Core Competencies required for certification. We have worked in collaboration with academic institutions to review the courses they offer to develop the CSEP RCM. This tool provides interested applicants a way to plan their future courses and assist current applicants align courses with the Core Competencies when applying for a CSEP Certification.

 Learn more





CSEP-CEP Candidate Practical Hours Logbook
All CSEP-CEP Candidates need to provide documentation to confirm they have met the practical hour requirement.

Download a sample of a completed logbook that would satisfy the requirements for CSEP-CEP practical hours. Use this template to fill in your practical hours when applying.