CSEP Professional Standards Program® - 35 years of Improving Health Outcomes for Canadians 

In 2018, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) celebrated an important milestone in its history: the 35th Anniversary of the CSEP Professional Standards Program®. Previously known as the CSEP Health and Fitness Program (HFP), and originally the Fitness Appraisal Certification & Accreditation (FACA) Program, this flagship program has had an important role in improving health outcomes for Canadians. Click the links below to read about the milestones, achievements, and history of the CSEP-PSP®.

In 1983, the Fitness Appraisal Certification & Accreditation (FACA) Program was developed at a national level, following years of discussion to address the need for safe and reliable physical appraisals and training in Canada. The national program has seen many exciting changes and advances since it started. This highly regarded program continues to set the highest standards for qualified exercise professionals across Canada through certification and evidence-informed practice. 

CSEP's Professional Standards Program® History   
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