CSEP Mentorship Award in Honour of Enzo Cafarelli Recipients

As a graduate student advisor, Enzo went well beyond providing technical skills, knowledge, encouragement, and motivation to complete a degree. His lab was the model of an ideal research environment. It was organized, productive, and structured without being inflexible. Students in Enzo’s lab were expected to work hard and to function like a team and not a hierarchy. Just as importantly, Enzo demonstrated the importance of balancing research and hard work with family, friends, and life outside the lab. He was a mentor in every sense of the word, acting as both an advisor and an advocate to his students and to young investigators beginning their careers. At CSEP conferences, Enzo could be found talking to students and new investigators at posters, in presentation halls, and over a drink at the end of the day. Always willing to listen to a problem, offer advice, and discuss new ideas, it was obvious that Enzo was a dedicated mentor to the future scientists and educators of CSEP.

The purpose of the CSEP Mentorship Award in Honour of Enzo Cafarelli is to annually recognize a Professor or Advisor in the Exercise Science field for their dedication and mentorship to their students and/or their faculty.

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Previous Award Recipients

Year Recipient Affiliation
2019 Charles Rice University of Western Ontario
2018 Maureen MacDonald McMaster University
2017 Stuart Phillips McMaster University