CSEP-CPT Application Requirements

CSEP-CPT Candidates must show that they have completed, at minimum, the equivalent of 2-years of full-time study (or 60 credits) at the post-secondary level in specific core competency areas related to the exercise sciences. 

Candidates must show that they have successfully completed this requirement through either:

  1. graduation* from an appropriate 2-year College Diploma program, or
  2. through coursework towards graduation in an appropriate Bachelor degree, or
  3. from a combination of a completed CEGEP DEC in the Pre-University Science Stream and courses in an appropriate Bachelor degree. In the case of applicants using their CEGEP DEC courses, they must show that at least 1-year of full-time study (or 30 credits) come from the University system*.

The CSEP-CPT Candidate must show that their coursework meets all of the Core Competencies outlined for the CSEP-CPT. In some cases the CSEP-CPT Candidate may be required to provide course outlines to support their application.

View the 6 CSEP-CPT Core Competencies here.

View the available CSEP Recommended Course Maps to see how your institution’s courses align with the CSEP-CPT Core Competencies.

Once a candidate’s application is approved they are required to:

  1. Successfully challenge the CSEP-CPT Theory and Practical Exams
  2. Register with CSEP
  3. Complete a course in emergency first-aid and hold a current/valid CPR level C.

CSEP will ONLY accept CPR certificates issued by:

  1. An organization that adheres to the ILCOR standards, OR
  2. An organization whose instructors are certified by and/or registered with an organization which adheres to the ILCOR standards, OR
  3. An organization which adheres to the ILCOR standards for CPR courses/recertification delivered by an independent instructor who is certified by and/or registered with that organization.

On-line CPR courses will not be accepted.


Resources for certification

REQUIRED CSEP resources - CSEP Physical Activity Training for Health (CSEP-PATH). You must have this manual prior to registering for your CSEP-CPT Theory Exam.

Recommended CSEP resources - CSEP Certified Personal Training® Candidate's Certification Guide

Online Study resources - CSEP-CPT Candidate Module Series

*please note - students currently enrolled in an appropriate degree/DEC program are strongly encouraged to submit their application before graduation.