Gord Sleivert was a giant and force of nature in applied sport science in Canada. After his PhD at U Victoria and a stint in New Zealand, Gord returned to Canada, first as a faculty member at U New Brunswick and then as the lead for sport science and performance at Canadian Sport Institute – Pacific back in Victoria in 2004 until his unfortunate passing in 2012. Gord was a driving force behind the development of sport science in Canada, and much of the stellar work being done now, along with the breadth and depth of people in the field, was due to Gord’s work and inspiration. Talk to endurance athletes from that era and they all have stories of sweating buckets doing heat acclimation in a RV that Gord adapted into a mobile heat chamber. We at CSEP are very proud to honour Gord’s legacy through the Gord Sleivert lecture, highlighting topics in applied sport science.

*CSEP would like to thank Dr. Stephen Cheung for this citation

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2021 Lecturer

Dr. Vicky Tolfrey PhD, Loughborough University 
“Putting Para athletes on the Podium: The Physiologists Contribution”

2019 Lecturer

Dr. Lawrence Spriet, University of Guelph
“The Challenging World of Applied Sport and Nutrition”

2018 Lecturer

Dr. Paul Laursen, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
“The Science and Application of High Intensity Training in Sport”

2017 Lecturer

Dr. Stephen Cheung, Brock University
“Adapting to Training and Competing in Heat”

2016 Lecturer

Trent Stellingwerff, Canadian Sport Institute
“Gordology- Performance Optimization through the Effective Integration of Applied Sport Science/Medicine”

2015 Lecturer

Louise Burke, Australian Sports Commission

2014 Lecturer

David Behm, Memorial University of Newfoundland
“Stable, Unstable or Metastable. Differences in Magnitude and Mechanisms of Balance Training throughout the Lifespan”

2013 Lecturer

Greg Wells, University of Toronto
“From Physiology Research to Applied Sport Science”

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