A-PREP and EPS Fitness Appraiser Information


The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is looking for a contracted A-PREP Appraiser for part time hours on an as required basis. The A-PREP Appraiser may be contracted for the EPS Annual Fitness Assessment on as needed basis as well.

Hours of Work: As this is an “as and when needed” position, there are no guaranteed number of hours per month. Currently the A-PREP is offered Monday evenings at 16:30 to 19:00, and A-PREP Orientation is offered once per month, on the first Monday of every month from 18:45 to 20:00. These times are subject to change based on facility availability.

Generally, the EPS Annual Fitness assessment is scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 08:30 to 11:30 hrs. Additional hours, during the workday may become available to accommodate periods of higher volume and when required in the assessment EPS Recruit Constables. Compensation: $35-40/hour with a minimum guarantee of 3 hours on the day required.


Assist in the assessment of municipal police applicants, using the Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP), which includes collecting applicant information at time of testing, screening, demonstrating, and conducting the A-PREP as per the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Provincial Guidelines for Police Recruit Selection. Assist in the administration of the EPS Annual Fitness Assessment to sworn members and recruits (as needed). The EPS Annual Fitness Assessment is a component assessment used to evaluate the fitness of sworn members. The assessment is also used in periodic assessment of Recruit Constables.

Specific duties include:

A-PREP Appraiser

  • Set up and take the A-PREP equipment, including calibration of equipment.
  • Assist with applicant intake and screening
  • Demonstrate the A-PREP and provide appropriate feedback during allotted practice time
  • Administer the A-PREP using the PRC and Shuttle Run Leger Multistage Shuttle Run Protocol
  • Monitor and observe applicants for indications of physical distress or injury, and follow necessary steps outlined in the Emergency Action Plan, if required.
  • Record, input, and report A-PREP results

EPS Annual Fitness Assessment:

  • Screening: PAR-Q+, resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Instruction, demonstration, and assessment of Grip Strength, Push-up, Pull-up, Plank, Vertical Jump, and Leger Shuttle run.
  • Recording, reporting, and inputting of data

Other duties may include:

  • Assisting with other performance assessment used in Recruit Training or Specialized Units.
  • Assisting in Exercise instruction to groups or individuals


The successful candidates must possess the CSEP-CPT, CSEP-CEP, or CSCS (with proof of liability insurance), have degree in exercise science (e.g., B. Kin) or equivalent. A minimum of one year of related fitness experience is required. The candidate will have to take the A-PREP appraiser course and pass both a written and practical exam, and if used for the EPS Fitness Assessment, demonstrate proficiency in the administration of the EPS Fitness Assessment.

The successful applicant must also be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • communication (excellent oral and written skills)
  • efficiency and thoroughness (optimizing time and resources ensuring high quality work)
  • relationship building (positive interactions with others)
  • service orientation (provides excellent customer service)


  • Successful applicants must provide proof of qualifications and will have to pass an A-PREP Appraiser course (March 4, 2024), which will be offered at the Edmonton Police Service.
  • Only education obtained from an accredited institution will be recognized as meeting the minimum qualifications. • Applicants may be tested for appropriate technical skills and physical fitness.
  • An Enhanced Security Clearance will be conducted.
  • More than one position may be contracted from this notice.

Please send your letter of interest along with resume, and proof of certification to syl.lemelin@edmontonpolice.ca

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