August 30, 2022 (Ottawa, ON)


The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is one of five national associations that have come together to form the International Confederation of Sport and Exercise Science Practice (ICSESP) with an aim to positively impact individuals, communities and countries by advancing the international practice of sport and exercise sciences.

In addition to CSEP, the other founding members of the new international confederation are:

  • The American College of Sports Medicine;
  • The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences;
  • Exercise & Sports Science Australia; and
  • Sport & Exercise Science New Zealand.

There is growing recognition of the role of university-qualified exercise specialists in some countries around the world. Professions such as exercise and sport scientists and exercise physiologists are becoming increasingly known for their role in supporting people by using a scientific approach to exercise prescription to:

  • Safely manage chronic illnesses;
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing; and
  • Enhance sport and athletic performance.

Aligning with this global approach, the international confederation has already commenced its work. Key initiatives include an international set of professional standards for clinical exercise physiology, an overarching code of professional and ethical conduct to inform best practice worldwide and a broad industry survey to help inform a globally representative strategy to best support those who work in applying the science of sport and exercise.

Over the next two years, ICSESP will be looking to build its network to establish collaborations with other international professions and non-government organizations, and expand its membership to other countries with existing exercise and sport science practitioners or those aspiring to develop the profession.


“The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology is a proud founding partner of ICSESP, whose leadership will advance the global clinical professional practice of exercise science and drive greater impact in health care, fitness and athletic performance. The collaboration from these first five organizations will lead to broader resource availability for all CSEP certified members and support greater consistency in standards of evidence-informed practice globally.” Zach Weston, CEO of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

“This confederation is a defining step for sport and exercise science professions globally. Now is the opportune time for the professions to think more strategically on global issues like prevention and control of non-communicable diseases and athlete management issues, such as doping in sport.” Kade Davison, inaugural Chair of the ICSESP Board of Directors and Associate Professor at the University of South Australia

“Broader recognition of sport and exercise professionals through this international confederation will create a stronger platform to advocate for our practitioners in Canada, including the CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist certificationTM.” Kirstin Lane, ICSESP Board of Directors, CSEP Board of Directors and Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria

About the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is the Gold Standard in exercise science and personal training in Canada. It is the resource for translating advances in exercise science research into the promotion of fitness, performance and health outcomes for Canadians. CSEP sets the highest standards for qualified exercise professionals through evidence-based practice and certification. For more information, visit


Michel Hachey
Director, Marketing and Communications
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

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