June 28, 2021

There is a great line-up of Symposia to look forward to at CSEP 2021 Zooming into the future. We’ve interviewed each presenter to give you a preview of what to expect and how attending will benefit you.

In this feature we talk to Vladimir Ljubicic, (PhD), Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University, who is presenting the Mechanisms of cell remodelling in the neuromuscular system symposium at CSEP 2021. Dr. Ljubicic will be co-presenting alongside Mireille Khacho (PhD), Rebecca MacPherson (PhD), and Natasha Chang (PhD).

What can CSEP certified members learn from attending your session that they can apply to their practice?

A goal of this symposium is to inform CSEP members and conference delegates about recent research on molecular mechanisms in nerves and muscle cells that drive physiological adaptation. We will cover topics that are generally of interest to our membership such as metabolism, growth, repair, and regeneration.

What do you think makes this topic and the content unique to the CSEP conference?

Our panel includes three featured speakers who are up-and-coming early career investigators that reflect the diversity of CSEP membership and more broadly, Canada. We will provide an update on the latest hot topics in the cellular basis for neuromuscular plasticity, which is a research space with a rich history of Canadian content.

What strategies have you learned throughout the course of the pandemic that you believe will make your session engaging in a virtual setting?

During the pandemic our speakers have had several opportunities to reflect on and refine the delivery of scientific content in a variety of virtual settings. We will draw on that experience to effectively engage with the audience during our presentations and discussion.

CSEP is consistently growing with a diverse community of members, which is reflected in this year’s selection of expert AGM panelists. What does EDI mean to you and why is it important in our field as our organization continues to grow?

Put simply, EDI is an opportunity to strengthen research and practice in the exercise sciences.

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