June 1, 2021

Halifax, Nova Scotia & Ottawa, Ontario – Kinduct is pleased to announce a partnership with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), a national organization of exercise scientists and health professionals dedicated to translating scientific study into actionable fitness, performance, and health outcomes for Canadians. The partnership will see Kinduct’s Human Performance Platform become the preferred remote programming and monitoring solution for CSEP and its membership of over 5000 professionals.

“CSEP professionals are key contributors to the delivery and promotion of expert-driven health and wellness care plans to many individuals across Canada,” said Dr. Hayden Landry, Kinduct’s VP of Partnerships. “We are committed to providing our industry-leading remote monitoring and engagement tools to help CSEP members extend their reach beyond the traditional “in-person” visit and into the homes and workplaces of the clients they serve.”

Kinduct’s presence in the healthcare industry dates back to 2010, when they began educating and engaging with patients through patient-centric 3D medical animations and rehab programming. Kinduct’s cloud-based system consolidates and visualizes health-related data which then informs action such as timely interventions or adjustments to active rehab programming.

The partnership with CSEP follows Kinduct’s recent release of their refreshed mobile application, which allows health professionals to extend their offering beyond the traditional setting. This is done through a series of remote monitoring tools such as in-app surveys and assessments that monitor pain and emotional wellness, as well as content-rich rehab programming to assist patients in their return to optimal health.

As we embark on this ‘new normal’, CSEP certified members across Canada are adapting their model of delivery of personal training and exercise prescription to their clients. The addition of this taylor-made online platform will not only help our members, but most importantly, create a stronger bond and connection with their clients,” said Adam Upshaw, Chair, CSEP Board of Directors.

CSEP’s 6000 members include leading academic researchers and graduate students working in college and university laboratories and kinesiology departments and the highest qualified exercise professionals in Canada working in fitness facilities, rehabilitation, work physiology, and high-performance sport. CSEP Certified Personal Trainers® (CSEP-CPT) and CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologists™ (CSEP-CEP) bring science to practice through implementing their knowledge and skills to provide clients with exercise programming based on extensive training and evidence-based research that will support meaningful lasting lifestyle changes.

About the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is the Gold Standard in exercise science and personal training in Canada. It is the resource for translating advances in exercise science research into the promotion of fitness, performance, and health outcomes for Canadians. CSEP sets the highest standards for qualified exercise professionals through evidence-based practice and certification.

About Kinduct

Kinduct’s Human Performance Platform supports athletic, medical, and tactical organizations around the world. Our clients include professional and national sporting organizations, health authorities and associations, and military and special forces groups. Kinduct’s cloud-based solution consolidates human performance and injury data to improve workflow for thousands of coaches, doctors, and trainers, while helping optimize the health and performance of athletes, patients, and tactical personnel. Kinduct is also integrated with many world-leading wearables, assessment and data collection technologies, turning rich data into powerful insights. Visit www.kinduct.com to learn more.

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