18th International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference (IBEC)

This conference represents collaborations between York University’s world renowned Muscle Health Research Centre (MHRC), the School of Kinesiology and Health Science, ranked number three in Canada, and the Faculty of Health.

Organizers also have title sponsorship support from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), Canada’s premier resource for translating advances in exercise science research into the promotion of fitness, performance, and health outcomes for Canadians. In addition, IBEC 2022 is supported by very strong exercise biochemistry research groups at the nearby Universities of Guelph, McMaster and Waterloo, all in close proximity to York University.

Consistent with the mission of the IBEC, the main theme of the conference is: “Exercise for Health, Adaptation and Rejuvenation“.

The theme of the Conference emphasizes the need for exercise to maintain health, and to serve a medicinal purpose in ameliorating the decline of tissue function with age, and in disease. The research highlighted in this Conference will provide the foundation for our understanding of the molecular basis of improvements in tissue health resulting from exercise.

The International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference (IBEC) is a unique event in the world of science. The first conference was held in 1968 in Belgium, and the second was held in Switzerland in 1973. Thereafter, IBEC has been a recurring event every three years, held in various locations around the world, to gather together scientists whose passions are biochemistry and molecular biology related to exercise and health, in order to exchange scientific knowledge, presentations and ideas. IBEC is unique in that various small groups of people volunteer to organize, administer, and raise funds to host the conference like providing speakers travel stipends. The last three meetings have been held in Stockholm (2012), Sao Paulo (2015) and Beijing (2018).

The International Research Group on the Biochemistry of Exercise Executive Committee oversees the organization of IBEC every three years.

Meeting Objectives:

  • To promote knowledge exchange in a broad range of exercise biochemistry topics among faculty, graduate students and health scientists (eg. Kinesiologists, Biologists);
  • To bring together world-leading investigators in exercise biochemistry to present cutting-edge scientific research to an  international audience, gathered in Toronto;
  • To showcase Canada’s research capacity as a global leader in exercise biochemistry;
  • To disseminate this knowledge as widely as possible via publications, social media, YouTube and website management.

Event Details

Conference Registration will open Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

For more information, contact Joe at Road Ahead Meetings and Events at (905) 493-1314 or joeo@roadaheadgroup.ca.

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Abstract Submission

The abstract submission page will also be made available September 07, 2021.

The fee for abstract submission is $50.00 plus HST per abstract. This fee is not included in your conference registration fees.

  • This conference qualifies for CSEP-PDC’s, category C2. Please refer to the PDC Chart to determine how many credits you may receive.