August 22, 2020

There is a great line-up of Symposia to look forward to at CSEP 2020 Online: Strengthening our Performance; Keeping our Connections. We’ve interviewed each symposia chair to give you a preview of what to expect and how attending will benefit you.

In this feature we talk to Dr. Joe Vecchione, Physical Preparation Coach, who is chairing the Exercise Professionals Workshop “Evolving from running workouts to running a program” at CSEP 2020.

What can CSEP certified members learn from attending the session you’re chairing that they can apply to their practice?

My goal is to stimulate reflection in others who work in high-performance environments or with high-performance athletes regarding how their role evolves over time. While reflecting on my own journey, I will pose questions and potential strategies to engage critical thinking about the big picture of physical preparation for sport performance. Members will get an inside look into my thought process and evolution as a coach, with some takeaways that may help shape the future of both their programs and professional development.

What do you think makes this topic and the content unique to the CSEP conference?

I believe people will appreciate the real-world context of my talk and tangible examples. Given the place I am in my career, I believe I will speak to a lot of coaches who are trying to find ways to take the next step. This topic will be unique because I will pull back the curtains and share my experiences in how I evolved, where I am now, and what my thoughts are on the future.

CSEP 2020 will be 100% online this year; how do you think this will affect your session?

It will not affect my session at all. However, it will negatively affect the opportunity to network with other coaches who sense and share my passion. I believe many coaches will connect with my message and want to debrief further about my own experiences or offer lessons to me and where I am in my coaching journey. I hope there is no hesitation to reach out and connect virtually or in person!

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