August 14, 2020

There is a great line-up of Symposia to look forward to at CSEP 2020 Online: Strengthening our Performance; Keeping our Connections. We’ve interviewed each symposia chair to give you a preview of what to expect and how attending will benefit you.

In this feature we talk to Dr. Jamie Burr from the University of Guelph, who is chairing the symposium “Strength and Endurance Training: Current Trends 2020” at CSEP 2020.

What can CSEP certified members learn from attending the session you’re chairing that they can apply to their practice?

A strength of the CSEP organization is the integration of our scientific and certified members, allowing a truly evidence-based approach to fitness assessment and exercise prescription. In this session, we will examine the science behind a number of “hot-topic” fitness trends that apply to daily practice. Members can expect to gain a better understanding of how these methods might be applied to, or adapted for, the daily training environment – with insight into those that are based in fact versus fiction. Presenters will focus on our current understanding, potential applications, and future directions.

What do you think makes this topic and the content unique to the CSEP conference?

This symposium will be unique in that it offers a “state-of-the-art” assessment of fitness training and monitoring in 2020, considering new technology, methods, and prescription practices. With insight from applied physiologists working on the front lines of research and application, the content will be of interest to both the applied practitioner, and researchers in the field.

CSEP 2020 will be 100% online this year; how do you think this will affect your session?

We’re all looking forward to it! While the face-to-face format and audience interaction will be missed, an online format offers many advantages too; allowing members to key-in or revisit the points that interest them the most. Given that, at its core, our topic is about keeping up with the ever-changing fitness trends, it seems only fitting that we also keep up with new and evolving conference formats as well!

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